How much is Facility Engineer salary ?

How much is Facility Engineer salary ?

It’s all about money. Engineer’s salary. Straightforward.

Basically, the amount of our salary reflects our contribution to the company. Senior engineer’s salary is higher than junior engineer’s salary because of the senior engineer should deliver more value and contribution to the company. in case of junior engineer give more contribution to the company, he will get a promotion and get a higher salary. this is the basic.

Additional consideration to measure engineer’s salary – employement status.

There are various employement status.

  1. Permanent employee hired by company some time called as company man.
  2. Contract employee hired by company.
  3. Contract employee hired by contractor and work on behalf of client sometime called as seconde.
  4. Contractor employee which work at client premises and caled as contractor employee.

Company man has the best job security but his salary may be lower than contract employee. For the sake of salary, a contract employee has the highest salary. Some time he has daily rate more than 200 $/day.


Qualification and experience will increase engineer salary

More working experience and better qualification you have, you will have probabilitu to get higher salary. Fresh graduated student with bachelor degree mostly has the lowest salary. Master degree with more than 10 years experience will get a significant salary.



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